Build this beautiful Modern Coffee Table with the free build plans provided. What a beautiful addition to your living room!

Modern Coffee Table Build Plans

You know that feeling when you make something really, really  awesome and you can’t wait to…

industrial subway art

How to Make Your Own Number Subway Art

I’m back with my Canadian blogging friends for another 12 Months of DIY! If this…

paint colours up close

The Best Way to Organize Your Kids’ Craft Supplies

How cute is this little craft station?!?  I didn’t have to try that hard to…

Adult Tropical Slushie

How to Make a Tropical Slushie for Adults

Today I’ve veered from my DIYs to share a delicious summer drink with you! One…


Ten Months

Evelyn is now 20 lbs., 28 inches long, and ten months old. 

How to Make Your Own Wood Mantle

The Easiest and Cheapest Fireplace Makeover

Alright friends… I am going to share the quickest and easiest DIY I’ve ever done…

DIY Cork Magnets

An Easy Craft for Those Old Corks

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another Create with Me challenge! This is our monthly challenge…

How to Make Your Own Wood Mantle

How to Make Your Own Wood Mantel

Have you ever looked at something in your home a million times and wondered how…

Triangle Pallet Planters

Triangle Pallet Planters

It’s been too long since I’ve shared a build project with you! I promise I…

How to Make Your Own Wooden Magnets

How to Make Your Own Wooden Magnets

I have some exciting news!! I’m finally getting my act together and building a command centre!…